【JATA Travel Showcase 2011】 Notice of the New Deadline of Application for Fascinating Travel Galore!

To All Exhibitors,
*We are sorry for the double notification to those who have already sent their forms in. In such cases, please disregard this information.

Thank you for your participation in JATA Travel Showcase 2011.

Friday, August 5, 2011 has been decided as the New deadline of Fascinating Travel Galore!

Also, please note the following concerning the image of the panel design and re-writing contents and procedure.
The Japanese transcription from English will be expressed in the same form on the panel along with English.

Re-writing Contents
■ All manuscripts submitted before August 5th will be published in Shinchosha ‘Tabi’ Magazine.

■ Update of the Panel Design
Please refer to the attached PDF.

■ Panel Appearance
Choices available: Walled booth・Sign Stand・Paper Feet (for table exhibition)

■ Promotion to Visitors
To make all visitors participate, maps will be distributed with the pamphlets.

■ Application Form Updated

Please fill up the application form and send it in by fax or e-mail before Friday, August 5th 2011. (**You don't have to send the form again if already sent.) Late applications will be accepted but not published.
For further information contact the JATA Travel Showcase promotion office.

Contact: JATA Travel Showcase Exhibition Secretariat

Thank you.

Detailed Information(PDF)

Schedule for Next Year
JATA Travel Showcase 2012
Venue:Tokyo Big Sight