Program for JATA Tourism Forum 2011 (provisional)

The date

September 29 (Thu.) Basic seminar, Symposium 1. Opening Ceremony, Cocktail Reception
September 30 (Fri. ) Symposium 2. Symposium 3. Symposium 4.


Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight

September 29 (Thu.)

Basic seminar JATA-VWC Seminar

8:30 - 9:45

Japanese Outbound Market - How to Reach the Japanese Consumer -
* in English only

Held prior to the JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase, this seminar provides fundamental market knowledge to countries lacking Japanese market access or traditional market access in order to make the Conference and the Travel Showcase more meaningful as well as to facilitate entering the market.

The main thrust will provide pertinent consultation for each nation at the time of market entry; additionally, a tour operator (land operator) with strong SIT-related travel products will join us as a guest to expand the subject matter in detail.

Guest Lecturer:
  • Mr. Mitsutaka SHOJI,PresidentTUMLARE Corporation
  • Mr.Hiroshi SAWABE DirectorVWC 20Million Travelers Promotion OfficeJapan Association of Travel Agents
  • Mr. Masamichi TAKENAKA AdvisorVWC 20Million Travelers Promotion OfficeJapan Association of Travel Agents
* Registration starts 8:00
Conference Tower 6F

Symposium 1.


Towards the recovery of outbound tourism - Resolution of Japanese travel industry -
* Simultaneous interpretation:Japanese/English

Our platform will be joined by Mr. Hisanori Isomura, international journalist and one of Japan's leading diplomatic commentators, as well as a guest speakers from the Japan Tourism Agency and executives from Japan's top travel agencies!

The guest speaker will discuss the status of international travel in Japan and support for new expansion of the market. Then the moderator, Mr. Isomura, and representatives of Japan's top travel agencies will be welcomed to the panel to discuss the recovery of the market after the disaster of March 11 and policies for market expansion. With consideration of specific approaches, the panel will demonstrate the resolution of Japan's travel industry both domestically and internationally, and work to create international interest in the Japanese market and ideas for aggressive marketing.

Moderator (tentative):
  • Mr. Hisanori ISOMURA Former NHK Newscaster
Guest Speaker:
  • Mr.Tadashi Shimura DirectorGeneral,Regional Development Department,Japan Tourism Agency
Panelists (tentative):
  • Mr. Hiromi TAGAWA President & CEO, JTB Corp.
  • Mr. Ichiro NAMAI President, Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Akira HIRABAYASHI President, H.I.S. Co., Ltd.
* Registration starts 12:00
Conference Tower 7F International Conference Room

Other Programs


Opening Ceremony

* Registration starts 15:30
Conference Tower 7F International Conference Room

Coffee Break

Sponcer: Philippine Department of Tourism
Conference Tower 7F International Conference Room

Keynote Speech

  • Mr. Akira Kanai President, Japan Association of Travel Agents
* Registration starts 16:30
Conference Tower 7F International Conference Room

Cocktail Reception

Badges and Straps for Participants Provided By: Korea Tourism Organization
Conference Tower 1F Reception Hall

September 30 (Fri.)

Symposium 2.


The Partnership between Travel Agencies and Airlines - Extensive discussion on detailed measures for providing steady supply of air - * Simultaneous interpretation:Japanese/English

As airlines have worked toward optimization in recent years through revenue management and direct marketing, securing capacity on airlines to improve travel products has become a major challenge for the travel industry.

Focused on the 2015 expansion of airport capacity in and around Tokyo and the full liberalization of aviation, airlines will make even greater efforts toward improved efficiency.

With this in mind, we will ask representatives of some of Japan and Asia's leading airlines about their views on management strategy and airline ticket sales. We will also welcome some of the leading mid-sized and major travel agents in the industry to discuss specific measures to secure airline capacity and reaffirm the partnership between airlines and travel agencies.

  • Mr. Yoshiro ISHIHARA Director, Editor in Chief, Wing Aviation Press Co., LTD.
Panelists (tentative):
  • Mr.Shinya KATANOZAKA Member of the Board of Directors,Executive Vice President,All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Naoki SHIMIZU General Manager, Outbound Travel Business, International Airlines Marketing & Strategy Dept., JTB Corp.
  • Mr.David LIM General Manager Japan ,Singapore Airlines
  • Mr.Hajime HASHIMOTO Director,Tokyo Leisure Sales Office,NOE CORP.
* Registration starts 9:30
Conference Tower 6F

Symposium 3.


Expanding the World Travel Market - the Necessity of Package Tour Legislation
* Simultaneous interpretation:Japanese/English

With the rapid expansion of the world tourism market, the EU is planning revisions to its rules on package tours in 2012. What about Japan?

With the rise of BRICs, ASEAN and other regions and the huge decline in Japan's share of the global tourism market, have the current rules for special compensation, itinerary guarantees, cancellation fees and other regulations weakened Japan's competitiveness and hindered the development of the travel industry itself?

Through international comparisons, we will consider rules on package tours that promote the development of the travel market both in Japan and worldwide.

  • Mr. Yuji HARA President, Kaze Travel Co., Ltd
  • Mr.Akio ISHII Former Professor,Teikyo University
  • Mr.Geraint HOLT Managing Director,THE J TEAM CO.,LTD
  • Mr.Zhang Xi Long Director,China National Tourism Administration,Tokyo Office
  • Mr.Masahiro YANAGIDA Director of Sales Sec,KAMOME CORPORATION
* Registration starts 12:30
Conference Tower 6F

Symposium 4.


Towards an early recovery of Japan Inbound Tourism
* Simultaneous interpretation:Japanese/English

This year Japan fell victim to an unprecedented disaster. As persons involved in inbound travel continue to grasp the current situation, common directions for building a new optimum worldwide destination are being revised, and discussions are under way to determine how the industry can work together and develop effective ways to expand the new inbound travel market.

To help achieve these goals, we will welcome as panelists representatives from the Japan Tourism Agency and industry groups as well as their overseas partners in a symposium to reevaluate common directions among the public and private sectors, to quickly rejuvenate the inbound travel market, and to kick off the creation of a new market for inbound travel.

Moderator (tentative):
  • Mr. Shuzo ISHIMORI Director of Hokkaido University Center For Advanced Tourism Studies
Panelists (tentative):
  • Mr.Yoshimasa SATO Vice President of Japan Travel And Tourism Association , President of Japan Ryokan Association
  • Mr.YoshikazuHIGASHI President&CEO,Okinawa Tourist Service.Inc
  • Mr.Naoyoshi YAMADA Vice Comissioner for International Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency
  • Mr.James LEE CEO,BICO.Co.,LTD.
* Registration starts 15:00
Conference Tower 6F
* Please kindly note that program will be subject to change.

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