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  • Regular Exhibition: Standard Booth(s) / Space(s)

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    Information of JATA Travel Showcase 2012

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To register as an exhibitor at JATA Travel Showcase 2012, please download the PDF form above by clicking on Application Form, then completing and submitting via facsimile.


  • Tourism related companies and organizations

    Travel companies; NTO' s and Embassies; Government and public offices, Prefectural, city and municipal governments; Airlines, Railways, Bus, Cruise and Rental car companies; Hotels; Tourism and hospitality related organizations, Media and IT companies.

  • Domestic and overseas organizations or businesses looking to expand their business through collaboration with travel and tourism related companies.

    *Joint exhibition with other companies including merchandisers selling food, drinks or souvenirs is possible. (Please contact the Secretariat in advance.)

Exhibition fees (incl. tax)

Exhibition fees (incl. tax)
  • The early registration discount of 5% is for applicants who register up to Feb, 29, 2012 (Wednesday).
  • Space Only reservations require a minimum size of 36 sqm. Additional space may be reserved in units of 9 sqm.
  • Reservations of 72 sqm (equivalent to 8 booths) or more will be allotted an Island Space (open on four sides).

Items included in the exhibition fee

Standard Booth Package
  • Standard Booth Package
    • Booth Numben Plate
    • Company Name Plate
    • Carpet
    • Free 100 V/300 W power supply (without outlet)
    • Exhibitor badges (5 badges per booth)
  • Space Only
    • "Space only" requires a minimum of 36 sqm (equivalent to 4 booths) and additional space shall be provided in units of 9 sqm.
    • A free electric power supply is not provided; the form of set-up shall be discussed.
    • Exhibitors requesting a block space of 72 sqm (equivalent to 8 booths) or more will be allotted an Island Space (open on four sides).
    • Exhibitor badges (5 badges per 9 sqm)

Room rentals for storage or meeting space

You can manage your exhibition booth more effectively by renting a room and using it to store distribution materials, or as a break and meeting room for employees.
  • Fee (incl. tax) : 105,000 yen / 9sqm (The door is lockable.)
  • Deadline for application : Apr, 30, 2012 (Monday)
  • These rooms are in a low-ceiling area in the exhibition hall. The period of use is from Sep, 21, 2012 (Friday).
  • 20 rooms, first-come first-served (provisional)

Deadline for application

Apr, 30, 2012 (Monday)
*Deadline for early registration discount Feb, 29, 2012 (Wednesday).


Please pay the entire exhibition fee by the payment deadline stated on the invoice.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation requests should be made in writing to the Secretariat. Cancellation fees are as follows:
  • Cancellation up to May, 18, 2012 (Friday): 50,000 yen per booth or 9 sqm space
  • Cancellation from May, 19, 2012 (Saturday) to May, 31, 2012 (Thursday): 50% of the exhibition fee
  • Cancellation from Jun, 1, 2012 (Friday): 100% of the exhibition fee

Booth allocation

The organizer will determine the allocation of booths according to country, region and industry category, taking into consideration the size of each exhibition space.

Identification reference and visa

The organizers shall not issue identification references to the exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining required visas/entry permits for entering Japan. Please note that the cancellation fee must be paid by the exhibitor regardless of whether the exhibitor obtains a proper visa or not.
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JATA Travel Showcase 2012
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